Friday, November 12, 2010


Not bad for an almost 20 year old mare with bad hocks, huh? I mean the 'dap', not me.


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    1. Thank you HOC! I never even realized anyone had looked at this feeble attempt at a blog. DAP stands for I don't know what words in English. But I do know what the acronym means, even if I don't know what it stands for. It's the time between when the hind foot (in trot) lands and the next sequential front foot lands. An 'up-hill' moving horse who is really pushing with his hind has a longer lag time between the two hooves landing. I think I first heard about this from my trainer and later watched an in-depth slow motion video. I hope that answers your question. Now, one of my own. I miss your regular blot entries so much. What have you been up to with Fame? Is your daughter still riding? My 20 y.o. daughter is home from school for a few days and we are planning a ride in the Sierra Nevada mountains Thursday. I always think of you and your daughter on the other side of the world and wish that I could communicate what our day/ride/mountains are like the way you do so well for us.

  2. Hope you haven't left blogging. I just found your blog and there are lots of us 50ish dressage riders trying to get fit and manage weight. I hope to see more posts from you soon.

    1. sorry to disappoint. Right after your comment we had an unexpected death in the family. And then, almost exactly a year later, my mom also died unexpectedly. In short...I've gained back the 30 pounds I'd lost and not been riding much at all. I look forward to brighter future and am working my way there.